5 Mistakes That We Commonly Face While Mounting The TV On Wall

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When people install their televisions they might fall in the following 5 mistakes:

1- Not having the proper tools to complete the job. In order to install the TV properly you should have all the needed tools such as Impact driver, drill bits, driver bit, measuring tape, pen and a level.

For example, installing the TV based on eye-sight is impossible. Even more, Mounting the TV on wall using the small level supplied with the bracket will most of the times end up with a crooked TV because a small level is unable to detect a minor inclination in the bracket while a long level will detect the slightest inclination. In order to ensure a level installation a good quality and relatively long level should be used.

2- Using wrong fixtures. The type of the wall dictates what fixtures to use when installing the TV bracket. TV brackets come with plugs and screws to be used in case the TV is installed to a brick or concrete wall. If the installation is made to a hollow wall the supplied plugs should not be used in otherwise the TV will be prone to falling.

The choice of suitable screws varies depending on the studs inside the hollow wall, whether they are metal or wooden studs.

3- Installing the TV at the wrong height. When installing a TV at home, the center of the television should always be at eye level. If the TV is installed too high or too low the watching experience will be compromised and long watching hours will lead to neck pain.

Mounting the TV on wall is a job that should be done properly otherwise safety and enjoyable watching experience are compromised.

4- Using the wrong bracket. When purchasing a TV bracket, the weight and the size of the TV should be taken into consideration simultaneously. For example a bracket that can hold 32 inches to 55 inches TVs with a weight limit of 25 kg is not suitable to install a 43 inches plasma TV even though its size is within the range because these old TVs usually weigh around 32 kg.

Using a wrong bracket drastically compromises the safety of people especially kids and pets in addition to the damages that might occur to furniture and to the TV itself.

5- Insecure installation. One of the most common mistakes people do when installing their TVs is attaching the bracket to a plaster wall using different hollow walls fixings instead of fastening it to the studs. Some hollow wall fixings hold 20 kg, but when installing a TV you should always take into consideration the leverage created by the weight of the TV which will eventually lead to the failure of the hollow wall fixtures. Regardless the size or weight of the TV, the bracket should always be secured to studs.

Sometimes after spending too much money on buying a TV, people might think of saving some money by installing the TV themselves. We completely understand that. But if they don’t have the proper tools and required experience to complete job or even they don’t feel confident to do it, it is better to contact a professional to come and complete the job for them.

Contacting TV Installation services in South Mourang, to save your time, frustration and the money that you would spend on buying tools for a once off job that you might not need again, and this way you can be assured that your TV will be properly and securely installed.

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