How to install a TV wall mount?

Tv Wall Mount service In craigieburn

TV installation is a task that should be carried on properly in order to have an enjoyable watching experience, a clean finish,and most importantly a safe installation.

In order to achieve this task properly, the installer should have the required experience and tools to complete it.

In this blog, I will explain the “Where” and the “How” of TV Installation.


After deciding where the TV will be installed, we should decide on the height. As a rule of thumb, the television should always be installed at eye-level, that’s why measurements are conducted based on the height of the seat. Installing the TV higher or lower to eye level affects the watching experience in a bad way and long watching periods can lead to neck pain.

Planning is the first step. An evaluation of the space or the room where the TV will be installed should be conducted before starting any work in order to determine where is the best spot to TV wall mount installation in Craigieburn and the soundbar (if there is any) in order to achieve the ultimate watching experience for everyone in the room where ever they are sitting.


TV installation techniques vary depending on the type of the wall where the TV will be installed. If the TV will be installed on a solid brick or concrete wall, 10mm x 80mm plugs and screws will be used to fasten the TV bracket to the wall. When marking and drilling always make sure that the bracket will end up straight as you don’t want a crooked TV on your wall. In the case of solid walls, cables concealment inside the wall cavity is not possible, but it is still possible to have a cable-free and clean finish by using a white cable cover that will save you the ugly look of wires.

If the TV will be installed on a cavity wall such as plaster wall, it is crucial to fix the bracket to the studs behind the wall, which might be wooden or metal studs. Always keep in mind that no matter how big or small the TV is if it is not properly secured to the studs it will be a big risk to kids, pets, and belongings, without the need to mention that the TV itself will be broken too. In case of cavity walls, cables should be concealed properly and ran behind the wall from the TV to the antenna and power points which are on the bottom of the wall underneath where the TV is installed and from the TV to the devices placed inside the entertainment unit.

Safety should be always your first priority, so make sure the job is done properly using the right tools, the good quality consumables, and bracket and most importantly the required experience. In case you don’t have one of the aforementioned, contact The TV Installer as we offer one of the best TV installation services in Melbourne at the best prices.