TV Installation Services in Mernda

Last week we had a tv installation service in Mernda . It was a Samsung 65” television to be installed on an internal plaster wall using a fixes bracket, and as usual cables to be concealed inside the cavity wall. The client told us that he had already purchased a bracket and we provided him with a quote excluding the TV bracket.

Noting that we import our high quality brackets and we provide highly competitive offers that include TV installation + bracket + cables concealment where we pass on the savings to our customers (some customers have paid for the bracket alone as much as we charge for the whole installation including the bracket).

When we arrived to the jobsite, the customer handed us the bracket that he had purchased online. It was a cheap quality bracket that posed two problems:

  • The weight limit that the bracket can hold is too low for a 65” TV. Weight limit for brackets suitable for 65” televisions vary between 28 kg to 70 kg and it is always preferable to use a bracket with a decent weight limit because in addition to the TV weight, the leverage created by the TV hanging off the wall should be accounted for as well as the force exercised when sliding the TV left or right by the user.
  • The part of the bracket that goes on the wall is too short. If the installation is done to a solid wall, the installer can drill four or six holes to fasten the bracket to the wall, but if the installation is done to a hollow wall with studs inside, the bracket part that goes onto the wall should be long enough to catch two studs.

When purchasing a TV bracket two parameters should be taken into consideration, first the weight limit of the bracket and second the length of the part that goes on the wall.

As a professional TV installer I always use a bracket with a weight limit double the weight of the television and with a wall plate longer than 60 cm to be able to catch two studs when installing on a studded hollow wall.

Since we noticed that the bracket is too flimsy and small to support the TV and since we always have brackets on hand, we supplied the customer with one of our high quality brackets and completed the installation to the highest standards as usual.

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