Can I get my TV installed during the Coronavirus pandemic while respecting social distancing measures?

TV Wall Mounting Services in Melbourne

The spread of coronavirus and the strict application of social distancing measures brought a lot of restrictions to our daily life. These restrictions became even tougher when social gatherings were limited to two persons. With all these measures in place is it still possible to get a professional to install your television?

The good news is that you still mount your TV in Melbourne or nearby suburbs

According to Victoria’s chief health officer Brett Sutton, you are allowed to have a tradesperson coming to your house as long as the job cannot be done remotely.

Though you are allowed to have a tradesman coming to your house, the following measures should be respected:

Before the tradesperson arrives:

  • Make sure that no one on the premises is a suspected Coronavirus case.
  • Make sure that no one on the premises is a confirmed Coronavirus case.
  • Make sure that no one on the premises has Coronavirus-like symptoms such as cough and fever.
  • Make sure that no one on the premises has recently returned from overseas.

When the tradesperson is at your house:

  • When the tradesperson arrives, make sure there is no handshaking.
  • The tradesperson should either use disposable gloves or wash his hands thoroughly with water and soap. After washing his hands he should use a disposable paper towel to dry them out.
  • Don’t stay next to the tradesperson while working and it is even better to let him alone in the room where he is working.
  • When the job is completed, pay the tradesperson while respecting social distancing measures. For instance, put the money in an envelope and put it on the table for the tradesperson to take it.

After the tradesperson leaves:

  • After the tradesperson leaves the premises, make sure to clean and sanitize the surfaces that he has touched while working.

So the good news is that you can get your TV professionally installed as long as you and the TV installer strictly follow the safety and social distancing guidelines.

At the TV Installer, we strictly abide by social distancing rules and we use disposable masks and gloves for every job as well as hand sanitizers.

If you want your television properly and securely mounted by a professional that strictly abides by social distancing rules, then contact The TV Installer on 0424140278 or jump to our website as we offer one of the TV wall mounting services in Melbourne at competitive prices.