What are the benefits of TV mounting?

TV Installation service in Attwood

There are many benefits of TV installation service in Attwood to the wall rather than putting it on a stand. Some of the benefits to TV mounting are the following:

  • Placing the TV at the right height: Mounting the TV to the stand and placing it on the entertainment unit puts the TV lower than it should be. Wall mounting the TV at the right height puts it at eye level providing a more enjoyable watching experience and preventing neck pain that can be caused by watching TVs installed at the wrong height.
  • Allows watching from different angles: Installing the TV to a full motion bracket enables the user to swivel and to tilt the TV back and forward in order to suit the users seating position. For example a TV installed in an open plan sitting room can be fully swiveled to make it face the kitchen or the dining table. While putting the TV on its stand will limit the user to one viewing angle.
  • Adds space to you home: Wall mounting the TV rather than putting it on a stand will clear the entertainment unit. In some cases when a table is used only to put the TV on it, wall mounting the TV will allow removing the table and clearing the area which will add more space to your home.
  • Clean and cable free-look: Instead of stand-mounting the TV and placing it on the entertainment unit with all the tangled wires, wall mounting the TV to a hollow wall and concealing cables gives a clean and cable-free finish.
  • Safer for the kids and pets: A stand-mounted TV placed on a TV unit or on an entertainment unit is prone to be knocked off by kids or pets. Moreover the tangled cords present an additional risk. Wall mounting the TV and concealing the cables is safer for kids and pets. When the TV is properly wall mounted to studs and the cables are concealed inside the hollow wall it will be out of the way and out of the reach of kids and pets which is safer for them and for the television.

Finally one last benefits of TV mounting is that it simply looks better

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