What to look for when hiring a TV installer?

Installing a TV is a job that should be conducted properly so that the television is installed securely, level and at the right height. In other words, a good TV installation should be conducted by a professional, but what to look for when hiring a TV installation Service in Broadmeadows ?

You should hire a TV installer that has enough experience. Experience comes when the TV installer has done too many jobs involving different TV sizes, different types of brackets, different types of walls, etc. which will render any job a “Déjà vu”.

You should hire a TV installer that has all the needed professional-grade tools. They say that you are as good as your tools. Having all the good quality tools is essential for completing a good TV installation. Imagine a TV installer coming to your house without a stud finder or with a DIY grade stud finder that doesn’t detect the middle of the stud or even doesn’t detect it at all at a certain depth.

You should hire a TV installer that offers fair prices. Completing the job at a reasonable price should not be overlooked. I am not saying that you should hire the cheapest TV installation service in Broadmeadows but from my interaction with the customers, I also know that when they were shopping around they were offered extremely high prices especially when approaching franchises where the price will be split between the franchiser and the franchisee.

You should hire a TV installer that stocks all the needed components required for the TV installation such as HDMI cables, antenna cables, extension leads, TV brackets and mounts, wall plates, etc. Sometimes the customer purchases a wrong bracket or forgets to buy a certain cable or even at the last minute decides to add one extra HDMI cable, in these cases if the installer doesn’t have all the needed components with him the installation will be postponed or the customer will be drawn into the trouble of going and purchasing the needed item.

You should hire a TV installer that takes pride in every job and values the feedback of his customers more than anything. 

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